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A Falklands veterans plea.

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A Falklands veterans plea.

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 27, 2014 11:06 pm

With all due respect to everyone involved with my old ship, I am not in the least impressed.
The Falklands conflict would have been lost without the pivotal role played out by the Plymouth and her crew.
That’s the piece of truthful history, the powers to be did not want anyone to know or learn about, I was there and a lot of people got credit for the work she did.
Peel Ports statement – Who on earth told you that you were legally responsible for the ship following the unfortunate liquidation of the trust?
It is more like you assumed responsibility without proper consultation especially, with those who cared enough about the ship to save her.
Every attempt to purchase, every business plan that was, and have ever been subsequently presented to you, have all been dismissed as not good enough.
How would you know that they were not good enough given your full admission (below), of having “no expertise in the preservation/restoration of historic ships”?
As the so called legally responsible authority for the ship, In the clear light of day, can you now see how irresponsible you all were given that statement and the future of the ship??
You clearly had no intentions of providing a future for her and decided to let her deteriorate to facilitate your own plans and her ultimate fate.
Some people are foolish and some are just damn right ignorant and I think that played a part in your agenda.
I put it to you that the plans, that were and have been presented to you over the years, were feasible and all they needed was a little bit of leadership and support.
That leadership and support did not happen because of your irresponsible and unsympathetic attitude.
For those who played a role in her demise and her ultimate fate, shame on you.
You have failed yourselves, the ship, all the servicemen who fought in the Falklands, the nation, and above all, the promise made by Baroness Thatcher, god rest her sole.
A fitting chronology:
Diverted from WIGS to the FI and first on the scene to join Endurance weeks ahead of the main task force and HMS Antrim
Fired the first shell in Anger of which, I proudly own with provenance to this day
Protected the ships in San Carlos Water from continual air attacks with other gunships lost and land based rapier missile sites out of action
Went out alone in no man’s land, to valiantly draw the enemy fire away from all the supply & troop bearing ships in ‘San Carlos Water’, her bravery and actions were never recorded
Found, reported and sank the Santa Fe
Guarded hundreds of POW’s on-board
Took the surrender in her wardroom, sent the signal to Whitehall
She was also Capt F6
My memories are strong and I am very proud of my queen and our country, words fail me to accept her fate as the final act and moreso given the Basel treaty agreement.
My last word on the matter is this, I truly feel that you have stolen a vital historical right, from our future generations and would simply say….who made you and the powers to be “GOD”

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