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Update 13 Sept 2014

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Update 13 Sept 2014

Post  Admin on Sat Sep 13, 2014 10:26 pm

From Turkish lawyer:
"Please be informed that the following legal actions have been taken by our office representing HMS Plymouth Trust Limited today ;
1- The provisional attachment has been filed before Aliağa Court today. Please find a pdf copy of the complaint, supplementary documents and court transcript.
One of our lawyer will go to Izmir – Aliağa on Monday morning. She will deposit the security which is expected to be received on Monday from the client. She will follow up the decision of the judge there.
We expect to receive a decision from the Court on Monday or Tuesday provided that the security deposit is paid to the court clerk.

2- We sent a notice to the scrap yard, Sök Denizcilik by fax.
Thereafter one of our lawyer called his manager.
Our lawyer told to the company’s manager that if they start scrapping HMS Plymouth, they will get into trouble.
We will not only file a compensation against Sök Denizcilik but we will also file complaints to the governmental authorities to cancel their license as there were undeclared radioactive and hazardous materials on the vessel which would be scrapped.
The manager was reckless and he said that the company has document in hand and the company has lawyers to defend its rights. It is a quite expected attitude for us and it last until we get a decision from the court and/or governmental authorities which impede the scraping.

3- We have presented a complaint to the Aliağa Port Authority. In this letter , We put forth the fact that undeclared radioactive and hazardous materials are on HMS Plymouth. We gave a call thereafter and discussed with one of the managers of the port.
They said that they have already given the permission as their survey is limited to the technical components of the vessel and they were are in place for HMS Plymouth .
The manager which we discussed on the phone informed us that the scrap yard has not received the permit from Provincial Department of Environment to scrap HMS Plymouth yet.
4- We called Izmir Provincial Department of Environment and send the fax which had presented to Aliağa Port Authority. They informed us that the alleged facts has to be presented to Turkish Atomic Energy Agency.
We sent the letter to Turkish Atomic Energy Agency. We will call them on Monday.
Please provide me each and every supporting document which may reveal that there are undeclared radioactive and hazardous materials on HMS Plymouth.
This is very important. Can you provide us on Monday?

As a result the following actions are to be taken from your end on Monday"

Ladies and gents, we are getting to the nitty gritty now; please, if you can, donate to the fighting fund here:

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