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Final Update - HMS Plymouth Trust

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Final Update - HMS Plymouth Trust

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 01, 2014 6:48 am

It is with deep regret to have to report this update to you tonight. Having spoken with Gareth Griffiths and Roy Martin tonight at length they have asked me to report the following;
HMS Plymouth is no more.
As you will be all aware, Gareth and Roy flew out to Turkey on Monday and have worked tirelessly around the clock to gain access to the scrap yard, SOK Denizcuilik were HMS Plymouth arrived a few weeks ago. The yard has a heavy security presence which includes the Turkish military so gaining access was not particularly an easy task but were eventually granted access to the senior management of the yard with detailed documentation from Conservative MEP David Campbell-Bannerman who has been a keen supporter of HMS Plymouth Trust Ltd and played an active role in the campaign to preserve the historic warship in the UK.
The senior management of the yard have been described by Roy and Gareth as professional, welcoming and amicable. HMS Plymouth was discussed in detail over tea and biscuits. Sadly however the outcome was not what we all held a glimmer of hope for.
The scrap yard confirmed the following, which I think you will agree is quite disturbing:
1) HMS Plymouth was sold to SOK Denizcuilik by a “subsidiary” of Peel Holdings which was set up for the sole purpose of selling HMS Plymouth and wound up immediately after the vessel was collected.
2) Peel Holdings placed the following clauses in the sale:
- The deconstruction of HMS Plymouth must start immediately on arrival at the yard and given priority over all other work.
- No photographs or access may be granted to HMS Plymouth by third parties.
- The vessel must be completely destroyed; the yard can not resell, give away or otherwise transfer HMS Plymouth to third parties nor negotiate any other use for the vessel. The purpose of the sale is for the vessel to be completely destroyed.
-Photographic evidence of the deconstruction can only be released once the vessel no longer exists.
3) The most bizarre and concerning part of the contract which will all most certainly be investigated now by relevant authorities is this one, again, wording may not be exact:
“This deconstruction contract is a top secret case in collaboration with the UK Government. If this contract is in any way breached, Peel Holdings will ensure that you will not receive anymore deconstruction contracts from the MOD for any other vessels.”
It is at this point Roy and Gareth were shown pictures of HMS Plymouth being scrapped from the cutting of the bow, removal of the bridge to just her remains on the beach which I believe is somewhere between mid ships to stern minus superstructure.
So it is with much deep regret and upset that I have had to bring you all this news which is effectively the end of our campaign and more importantly, the end of HMS Plymouth which is what it was all about. I understand that this news will bring great disappointment and upset to you all and I share in that with you though I do not pretend to “understand” how each individual feels as this will be very different to all of us in how it effects us.
This update doesn’t really have a parting line, there is really no more to say on it. On behalf of HMS Plymouth Trust Ltd I would like to say how heart warming it has been to have 100% support from you all during the last two and a half years and that we are eternally appreciative of you all.
HMS Plymouth Trust Ltd.

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